Georgian Latin alphabet transliteration feature request

Hello - I have a feature request. On the desktop version of LingQ, for Russian and Ukrainian, when you tap on a word to open it in the side panel, there is an option to see a Latin alphabet transliteration of the word (which can be toggled on or off according to user preference). Could you please enable this feature for Georgian? It would save me (and other learners) from having to type & save a transliteration in the definition box.

Eventually I hope to be comfortable enough with the Georgian alphabet that I don’t need the help of Latin transliterations, but right now it would be great to be able to access it with a single click as can be done with Ukrainian and Russian. Please also enable it for the Android app if possible (I can’t find the feature there).

Many thanks!


Thanks for your feedback, we will look into it and see what we can do.

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