Georgian and Armenian

I may have found people willing to translate “Who Is She?” into these two languages.

Are these languages able to be supported?
Would there need to be anything else translated?

Thank You. I am really curious about these two and want to learn them.

From the perspective of someone who wants to learn Georgian, the mini stories should be translated as well. As both Armenian and Georgian have left to right reading order, vowels and clear word breaks, hopefully the lingq system can accommodate them with relative ease.

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Someone is willing to translate “Who Is She?” into Armenian and has finished the first and second parts. I will see when he is done if he would like to do the Mini stories as well.

PS: This is being done through word, is that ok?

Sure, if you can get complete “Who Is She?” course translated and at least a few Mini Stories, we will be glad to add these two languages to Beta.
Word is fine for translations.


I would also be interested in Armenian. But I would start learning it from the scratch.

Thats awesome! Do you think you can help to create Hungarian here?

I’ll try and get Armenian collected as soon as possible.

Hi guys, I have somthing I would like translated into english from Georgian if you could help me please. What does “sicocxle hive ar mokvde” mean ?

sicocxle means life / ar mokvde means dont die // hive is not a word the sentence should be:
Sicocxleshive ar mokvde

Don’t die right in the middle of living

This is great news! I’m interested in Georgian. I intend to travel to Georgia next year. Lingq is awesome.