George Orwell was born in a small town in India called Motihari on 25 June, 1903

“George Orwell’s birthplace in India set to become a museum” (The Guardian)

The following cottage, where Orwell lived in 1936-1940, is for sale at £450,000.
It is situated in Wallington, Baldock, Hertfordshire.

“Orwell’s father, Richard W Blair, worked in the remote town near the Indian-Nepalese border for the opium department, supervising poppy growers and collecting opium for export to China.”
"Born Eric Arthur Blair, Orwell was a year old when his mother, Ida Blair, moved with him to Oxfordshire. "
(The Guardian)

“The writer George Orwell (then known as Eric Blair) spent time as a teenager and in his thirties in Southwold, living at his parents’ home. A plaque can be seen next door to what is now the fish and chip shop at the far end of the High Street.”

Speaking of Southwold, I read somewhere that it was famous as a seaside town for retired people. I imagine that the climate there is not so warm as that in Miami in the USA. If I were Bill Gate, I would like to buy the cottage in Baldock rather than the house in Southwold.

I did not know that Orwell’s father had worked for the opium department, which, I suppose, had belonged to the Indian Civil Service.

I enjoyed reading Orwell’s “1984” back in high school during the late 70s. I remembered it as both a witty satire and a poignant warning to the world. Yeh, yeh, I was a nerd:)

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