Genius little girl

I wonder how much of this is prepared beforehand, anyway the pronunciation in each language is flawless.

Here is the video.

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This is unbelievable! It is a pity that I could not understand the commentaries of the adults afterwards!

The parents said she started only wirth Russian and English, and after they were adding more languages.

Pretty impressive. I would definitely like to see how she does in 10 years. Whether she continues on, or slowly narrows down a few that she really likes.

Here is the same video on youtube, with a little intro with her and her mother.

nice, Im going to change the link on my post aswell

She should start using Lingq. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve learned the alphabet when I was 5. But it does not I could read.
She can read but she is only 4.

Cute little girl, definitely knows something in each of those languages, but that was obviously rehearsed. As others have said, I hope to see here again when she’s an adult.

awesome … amazing
she is cute and smart also