Generated lesson audio only plays back the first sentence of lesson


The ‘generate lesson audio’ feature is malfunctioning for me, specifically with the Korean language.

After requesting the generated audio, it appears that the audio is generated, as the progress percentage increases at a reasonable pace. Also, in the ‘Edit sentence’ view on iOS, the audio playback for a given sentence seems to have an appropriate timestamp.

However, when I try to play back the audio, either for a specific sentence or the entire text, only the audio for the first sentence of the lesson is played (which, in this case, is the title of the book).

I’ve generated the audio for the second lesson in the audiobook and the same situation occurs, and can also confirm that the situation is the same with shorter lessons. The audio appears to generate in full but only the first sentence of the text will play back.

Is there a way to restore the functionality of the ‘generate lesson audio’ feature?


Thanks for reporting. Can you please send URL of some lessons with the mentioned issue to Thanks!

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I have exactly the same problem with a majority of the “Import and Study” content. The entire content is correctly imported and displayed, but Generate Audio only generates the first sentence. I am using the IOS LingQ app on an iPad.

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I got the same issue. The TTS voice for sentence on iphone is good but in the computer is much more slow.

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It works for me, though, (Korean). Not sure why.

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Thanks for this reply. I sent 2 examples to


Thank you. Nice to know we’re not alone.

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It happens to me too with some lessons in Chinese. It’s not content created by the Lingq team, but content I imported from books for example. Maybe if the parser encounters some kind of characters that can’t parse, it skips them entirely. I’m not talking about Chinese character, but for example some kind of symbols that could be written inside the text. Now I don’t have an example. Hmm also with text that looks normal sometimes only the first sentence is played. It happens only with a few lessons (luckily not everyone of them, but still annoying).

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