Generate Timestamps not working

I’m unsure what the requirements to generate timestamps successfully are. I have a transcript and audio file that should match, are there other restrictions?

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Can you post a link to a lesson in which you are trying to generate them? Thanks.

Here is one: Login - LingQ
This originally came with names before each line in the transcript, even after removing them it hasn’t worked.

Ah, I should have mentioned it right away, at this moment timestamps don’t work for Korean, since our system can’t recognize and auto-connect audio with Korean script.

I see. Thank you! That explains it then.

The generate timestamps function is sort of working for me but it’s a little off in parts. Does anyone know how to edit the timestamps manually so it doesn’t cut off each sentence?

I’ve done it where i got to edit the lesson, go down to the Title and Text tab where all the lesson text is (default tab). Click show/hide sentences. You’ll see the timestamps there in red. I’ve adjusted the values here before. I only recently noticed the “clips” tab where you can generate timestamps on something where maybe you uploaded audio. It seems you can edit those values there too. You just have to go back to the Title and Text tab and save. I would think that should work as well.

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Thanks for the advice. I wasn’t aware of the show/hide sentences. I wish there was an easier way of checking if the audio has synced up properly with the text. Each time I make an edit I have to save and open the lesson to check how it matches up in sentence mode. It’s a very laborious process so I’ve given up now.