Generate Lesson Audio option is missing

I imported Steve’s * How To Improve Your Reading Comprehension* YT video in French (he recorded it in English). The French text went into LingQ just fine, but there was no Generate Lesson Audio button on the page. Is there a way to turn that process on? Perhaps a keyboard short cut? Merci.

Did you try to save a lesson and then generate audio on the Edit Lesson page afterwards?

After the import I opened Edit Lesson to check that the import result was in French (it was). Then I clicked on the View Lesson button, which opened the lesson. Usually there is a button to Generate Audio Lesson. But it is not there. Since the text of the lesson is in French, and there is no audio file associated with the lesson, I should be able to create one using the Generate Audio Lesson button.

Thanks, we will look into it.

I checked this with our team and this is expected behaviour. For imported YT videos, there is no “Generate lesson audio” button, but a video icon instead.