Gasballong i en dams väska

The text (from a lesson on clothing) is “En dam har nästan alltid sin handväska med sig, när hon går ut. Det finns en hel massa saker i en väska: näsduk, läppstift, kam, nycklar, almanack, penna, plånbok eller börs, och en gasballong.”
Googling this is not helping me guess at this meaning of gasballong… Any thoughts?

This is something that has been asked before. I woun’t read through the whole thread but it seems that it is meant to be pepper spray. In Swedish this would be peppar sprej. Apparently the mistake resulted from the fact that the word gasballong is a direct translation of a Russian slang term.

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Shoot. Thanks.

Could you post the link to the lesson. Since I have editor privileges (as a native Swedish speaker) I can correct it.

Sure, it is near the end of this: Taletiketten, Kläder 1