Galician language

is galician and portuguese dialects of the same language? or now separate languages.i heard the language recently at work vocabulary is so much like portuguese with a little spanish here and there but spoken with a castilian spanish accent proniunciation rather than a portuguese one with out the nasal vowels

i could understand about 75% percent cause i can speak both spanish and portuguese conversationally but not 100%fluent

i read some where some people think it’s the same language but others think it’sseparate language it sounds charming

It’s the same as in many other cases: the exact criterion to differentiate a dialect and a language is far from clear. The issue, as it tends to happen, also has political overtones, so you may get some angry replies no matter what side you may take.
At any rate, the differences go beyond being “Portuguese with some Spanish and a “Spanish” accent”
Yes, clearly pronounced Galician is easy to understand for both Spanish and Portuguese speakers (maybe a bit more so in the latter case) but, anyway, Portuguese and Spanish speakers can understand one another in many cases, so that is not a very salient piece of information.
Some people may even argue that Portuguese and Spanish are historically just varieties of a single “Iberian romance” standardized in two different ways (thus, they would be what’s technically known as a “diasystem”, similar to the case of Urdu vs. Hindi).
So, you can see that the answer to your question is mostly a matter of semantics.
The main takeaway, at least for me (I’m not Galician) is that it is a beautiful way of speaking with a very nice literature that happens to be easily accessible for people who understand either Spanish or Portuguese.

A couple of well-known poems in Galician, set to music for your enjoyment:

thanks for the info