Further Flashcard (LingQs of the Day) update request

I think it’s great that the LingQs of the Day email function was updated recently to include old LingQs.

What I’m wondering is whether it would be possible to add a further update so that the LingQs of the Day (however many we choose to receive) are filled up with LingQs that are at levels 1, 2 and 3 as a priority, instead of 4. I’ve been getting a lot of “known” words come through in my emails, and I find it a little bit annoying. In fact, that’s why I deleted the 4,000 or so French LingQs that I had at level 4 (although in hindsight, it would have been nice to have kept them). But now, a few weeks later, I’ve started getting level 4 words come through in the emails again, while I’ve still got thousands of 1-3 level words in my database. Would it be difficult to incorporate this into the next update?

@peter - We will see what we can do there when we next update that page. Until status 4 words reach the “Never” status, they will be scheduled to come back into your review deck. Perhaps we need to add some filters for the LingQs of the Days.

I second this - my daily reviews are often almost filled with level 4 cards.

Has there been any further discussion about this issue at LingQ HQ, or would it not be considered unless enough members suggested it?

Let’s look at the logic behind the current situation, Mark, using your French as an example. You’ve got 3,421 French LingQs that you’ve turned into known words. All of these 3,421 words would have to come through your LingQs of the Day system at least once (assuming you choose to receive them), and you would have to select the “Never” status for each one for them not to appear again. You’ve got about 8,500 LingQs in French, so that means that you’ve turned more than a third of them into known words. If you choose to receive 75 LingQs in your LingQs of the Day email, more than 25 of these would probably be words that you already know. Would you find that unnecessary? If we assume that our goal with LingQ is to make our passive vocabulary as large as possible, would it not make more sense to focus on all the words that we do not know?

I just think that we don’t need to keep receiving these words in our Flashcards if we can already recognise them. If we encounter them in further lessons, we can always re-LingQ them. No biggie. Of course, I might be alone in thinking this way, apart from keke_eo.

Anyway, I don’t mean to whinge, just thought I’d put my argument out there (again), and use a relevant example while I’m at it! :slight_smile:

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

We hear you Peter. It is something we will think about and see if there is something that can be done in a future update. You will have to be patient on this one…

No worries, will do.

No Peter, you are not alone. I would love to have this improved too.

The ‘old’ system had one advantage for the way I’m learning. I was sure to see the new words again in 4, 7, 11 … days and to review them. If I’ve created more than 100 LingQs a day I would receive an email with lots of words, but I was sure I got them for review. If I had less time I got less LingQs. Now I’ve to decide for a number of LingQs that will show up. This decision was difficult. Now I get the same amount of LingQs to review every day. Now I have to work more regularly what not always fit my special needs. Sometimes I would love to do more. Other times I want to be lazy :slight_smile:

A more flexible way to review LingQs would be great. I think about an online calculation where you can choose between different parameters for example:

  • How many LingQs should be showed
  • Should LingQs with status 4 be included (maybe how many of the LingQs should have status 4, 3, 2, 1)
  • Should only more recently created LingQs be included or older ones as well
  • Only LingQs should be showned that hasn’t been reviewed for x days
    And so forth.