Furigana mistakes?

New lingq user - and I’ve noticed a frequent number of mistakes in the Japanese furigana. The pronunciation always seems to accurate though. Is there a setting I’ve missed, or is this a wider system error?

At the moment furigana can’t be edited or changes. We are aware it’s not perfect and we are constantly looking into improving it.


it’s why a lot of us typically indicate the correct furigana reading in the definition. imho best to switch off the furigana, look up the words you don’t know and indicate the reading in the definition.

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thanks! I’ll give that a try!

It would be cool to see LingQ implement a Satori Reader style of furigana, where the sentences would only show furigana for kanji you aren’t familiar with. I only know a few hundred kanji at best, so I still need the crutch, but I find myself overly relying on it too much, often unconsciously. I probably just need to bite the bullet and turn it off altogether.