Furigana in Japanese Mini-Stories

Someone really needs to clean up the furigana in the Japanese mini-stories. Kanji in Japanese often times has multiple sounds/pronunciations. However, I’ve seen several times where the incorrect furigana is written on top of the kanji, but the audio is at least correct.

E.g., High School Life, a JLPT 5 story.

Off the bat, the furigana says 4 tsuki for April. It should read 4 gatsu. This is really problematic for people studying for the JLPTs since one of the sections is selecting the correct kanji reading.

At least the audio is correct.

Yeah I posted asking if it were possible for users to manually edit the furigana or pronunciation of words like they do definitions but you can’t. I mean you can put it in the definition and many do but that’s not furigana. They really need to fix furigana to make reading in Japanese friendly to people who haven’t learned lots of kanji. Which is most almost everyone :sweat_smile: who isn’t Asian.

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noooooooooo Hopefully, LingQ will one day fix it?