Function bottom

Is there any way to “stop” and “pause” the listening by a Function Bottom (if the word is incorrect, I mean F1, F2, F3,… of the keyboard). That would allow to leave the mouse at an interesting point of the audio-bar and listen-pause-repeat the same sentence when I need.

Sorry to ask again!
I read you’re about to review the listening page.
I’m very satisfied about how it works now!
I’d just like to know if there is any way to control how to play/pause the listening by the keyboard, instead using the mouse.

Thanks very much

Have you tried the space bar? On my computer (Windows Vista) it works like a pause button.

We have no plans to introduce keyboard shortcuts for the audio player but it is something we can consider. Thanks for feedback.

Thanks very much, it works perfectly well.
It’s exactly what I need.

Also with Windows XP the space bar works like pause/play button. Thanks for interesting in the issue, anyway.

To every readers,
Sorry. I made an error in the title: not bottom, but BUTTON