Fun Japanese Sites

I want to find japanase forums, sites that are fun. Like reddit, 9 gag, or something like that. I want to write and read like we do on english forums. Do you know any ?

NIHONGO eな Portal for Learning Japanese
(The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai)

On the above portal site for learners of Japanese, you might find some places where you can practice writing in Japanese. The site is maintained by an independent administrative agency called The Japan Foundation, which should no be confused with The Nippon Foundation.

日本語で「日本財団」と表記するとそれは、かつての「SASAKAWA Foundation」のことで、今は英語で「The Nippon Foundation」という名前になっているようです。上記のポータルサイトの運営は、それとはまったく別の組織である独立行政法人・国際交流基金「The Japan Foundation」がおこなっています。

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If you are interested in writing in Japanese, “Open Forum in Japanese”, which is this forum, is a good place for it. このフォーラムに日本語で投稿してみませんか。

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Oh Japanese, you are so difficult. There are so many connector words and particles that I can never tell really what’s going on. All the grammar explanations seem to leave my head when I look at actual conversations because real people don’t seem to talk in sentences like the ones I read in examples. I am just going to keep reading and listening and hopefully one of these days this stuff will start making sense.

Do you find knowing turkish helps you with japanese? Structurally there are definitely Similarities. Learning Turkish is definitely on my list of languages I will one day try to learn.
hatena hot entry.: Japanese web aggregator of popular stuff, kind of like Digg.

痛いニュース(ノ∀`) - ライブドアブログ (itai news)
A blog that collects threads related to particularly painful/amusing news topics found on the message board 2 channel (plus the occasional cute animal). Just the comments themselves can be great practice (they range from depressing to hilarious and sometimes both).

An anonymous blog where anyone can post anything. You can find all kinds of things on here. This site recently came into the public eye with a blog titled “保育園落ちた日本死ね!”, written (presumably) by an angry working mother who couldn’t get her child into preschool. Prime Minister Abe himself was questioned about the blog in parliament and it set off a huge controversy across the country.
One of the darker corners of the Japanese interwebs. Full of racists, sexists, nationalists, otakus, and/or just generally unpleasant people. At the same time it’s one of Japan’s largest message boards and a fascinating look into Japanese web culture.

Japanese version of the popular English click-bait site. Can’t say I’m a big fan but it certainly has its fair share of easy to read material.

This site has a lot of random stuff. Common themes seem to be explanations of foreign viral pictures/videos, food, and more. Articles are short and easy to digest.

One of my favorites. Probably the funniest thing I’ve found on the Japanese internet. Comedian/blogger “arufa” chronicles his ridiculous pursuits.

I have already found rocket news. I copy alot of stuff from there to lingq and learn the language. Thanks.