Fun Find: TV shows dubbed into Korean on Netflix

I just discovered that, for whatever reason, the ABC tv show, How to Get Away with Murder, is available on Netflix with the optional Korean dubbed audio track. Of course there is no shortage of “native” Korean dramas you can stream on Hulu and Netflix, but I’ve always found that there are some specific benefits to watching shows that are dubbed into your target language. (Cleaner audio track, less colloquial language usage, familiar context, etc.)

Netflix has actually become an excellent resource for language learners in general. Not only can you find international movies and tv shows, but pretty much all “Netflix Original” series now have multiple language tracks and subtitles available. I’ve been using those for French and German, but this is the first time I’ve seen a show dubbed into Korean.


Thank you for sharing

Just putting it out there for anyone learning German who has Netflix:

Watch “Es ist Wieder Da” It’s a German movie about Hitler with English subtitles. The movie has proven to make people think Hitler was an amazing figure in history. :stuck_out_tongue: