Full text on android

Does anyone know how to get the full text on android? i looked everywhere and cant find the option. thanks!

I don’t know about androit, but on my iphone I have three little symbols in the right lower corner of the screen. One of them gives the full text. This should not be very different on an android phone.

Full Text isn’t available on Android app at the moment.

I think the original poster is talking about the “Full Text” feature that you get on the website…where the ENTIRE text is layed out in the right hand side of the browser. I think what you’re describing is single sentence mode vs. “normal” mode which has a phone screen page size of text. It doesn’t have the entire text unless it’s an extremely short lesson.

That sucks. Any idea on when to expect it? Other than that, love the android app! Yall did a fantastic job

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Full text / entire text is one of the possibilities on the iPhone app: there are three little symbols in the right lower corner of the screen: one for sentence mode, one for "normal"mode and one for full text. The iPad app gives the same possibilities.

Ah ok. There isn’t such a choice on Android. Just sentence or “normal”.

Will be added when we release 5.0 version this summer.

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