Full stop of the forum!

I’ve opened the forum and I was surprised- only adds of the black magic specialist from India!..
He is mad!..
He can’t understand that we are here to study languages and not to use all these adds!
What to do with all this spam?!

The ads* must have been deleted, because I’m not seeing them here.

  • The generally accepted (albeit somewhat informal) abbreviation for “advertisements” is “ads” and not “adds”. </end grammar nerd>

I googled one of the telephone numbers in the spam. I found that LingQ was not their only target. Who were they? Were they employed by ‘astrologers’?

Yes Gregf, thanks, of course: ‘ads’.
But I was too excited and too upset to think about the spelling.

@all - Really sorry for the trouble. I guess this spammer seems particularly determined. We’ve removed the accounts and will continue to monitor this.

This spammer manually posted one or two new threads per minute.

The same starts again!.. Can you see all these ads?

Yes, you can’t miss it. I’m sure Alex will soon take care off this. But it is not easy to stop this kind of Spam when it is done manually like in this case.

I don’t know why Spam works at all. When nobody would click on these links and buy something afterwards that it becomes absolutely worthless, spaming in general would stop soon. But as long as only a very small percentage of people buy something from these links all the other people will get such Spam.

Sorry again. We have removed this person for now. Hopefully, they will get tired of this soon.

I wonder whether the astrology industry in India is in fierce competition.
Country code 91 means India.

There are several phone numbers in the recent spam. Do they belong to the same so-called astrologer, or do they belong to different or competing experts in the same industry?

“According to sources, the ministry pondered whether the PUNISHMENT to spammers would be done after verifying the nature of the spam attack, that is, whether the act of spamming was done inadvertently or on purpose.”

Legislation against spammers soon, computer networking news

Listen up spammers.

If you disturb Yutaka-san’s favourite forum, then trouble will come looking for you.


@Yutaka “This spammer manually posted one or two new threads per minute.”
Imagine if he were creating lingqs, he’d be faster than Steve!


If the spammers were not just idiots, imagine how their conscience will plague them after a time: their black magic will come to haunt them!

(I remember that last year I made a very snide comment to an - admittedly annoying - member here. I had just had some bad news and reading the post made me explode. I still feel bad about it! Later I sent him 500 points to experience a tutoring session with someone, but understandably never heard from him/her again. So, if you read this: apologies!!!)

Spammers strike again!

God I hate astrology!

Thanks for letting us know! a

All references to astrology have been removed from LingQ.

baba ji strikes again!!!