Fsi courses good or bad

what do you all think of fsi courses i have heard people describe these as boring and useless i’m thinking of using them as a suppliment for a language that is not offered on linqg

only experience so far with them is with spanish, but it is good, however, they ARE boring. They are designed to work with those who are made to work at it, so it depends on how dedicated you are to completing them I guess

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I’ve heard it depends on the language. I can see the boredom thing being real, as I’ve had a look at the SPanish and tried to use it back in the day. I guess if the language is not on LingQ and you need to learn it, you have to go with what you can have access to.

Which language do you want to learn?

I found it boring, but then I spent too long going through the pronunciation drills and such, I only made it to the first few dialogues where they started talking about a visit to the embassy. From what I could tell, you follow a story about a fictional place where a U.S diplomat goes to live with his wife. You listen and repeat, they break each part down into small chunks and you spend a load of time repeating until it’s automatic. They also include some explanations of the grammar, but I think it’s real method is listen and repeat so many times that it can’t fail but to become automatic, which is pretty tedious if you’re not getting paid to do it.

I’d imagine it works if you have the will power to stick with it and do all the repetition drills, I didn’t, so I stopped quite early on. I think it’d be good to use the content as you would on here and just listen and read without all the repetition stuff, also skipping the many pages of pronunciation info.

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It really depends on the language, some are said to be very good, others quite bad.

The only one I’ve used is FSI Arabic, which is very good, yet quite “dry”.

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the thai language

Did you try Glossika?

i’ll try that