Fry's Planet Word

If you can get the BBC iplayer, this is one not to be missed!

Unfortunately I receive the following message:
Currently BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only, but all BBC iPlayer Radio programmes are available to you. Why?
If you are in the UK and see this message please read this advice.
Go to the BBC iPlayer Radio homepage

I get the same sort of message when I try to watch ZDF o.s. programmes. It is a great shame, because this series is going to be sooooo interesting.

Berta once said something about an app being available. Does anyone know about this?

you may have to watch it on YouTube:
or in tiny form:

Thank you Helen. Your link works.

I think it was Peter Hitchens who once wrote (regarding Steven Fry’s fans) that…

Hmm…maybe I’d better not: I don’t want to upset anyone!!! :smiley:

O, please, do go on. I love being upset by you!

Well, I think he said that Fry seems highly intelligent to highly stupid people…or something like that…! :-0

(However, I only repeat that on request - I don’t suggest that anyone here is stupid.)

I like Peter Hitchens a lot.

I don’t like Mr Fry one little bit.

But it’s just my opinion…

I am quite happily stupid!

Seriously though… Fry is one of those people who is just famous for being famous, isn’t he?

What has he actually achieved (either as an actor or writer) which is of real genuine outstanding merit?

“Peter’s Friends” anyone? Per-leeese! :-0

Well imdb says he has 109 acting credits as well as being a write, director and tv presenter. That’s a better cv than most celebrities.

Steven Fry is in fact one very intelligent and funny person. So, Peter Hitchens (who?) has made some ingenious statement that makes anyone who called Fry intelligent seem stupid. That’s one clever piece of assholery.

Fry has done a lot of great things, but you’ve probably not learned to read yet.
Stephen Fry - Wikipedia Try that when you have.

This is one enjoyable piece of word-smithery. :slight_smile:

I’m utterly stupid too!. Because I believe he’s a genius!

Sanne the app I told you about is for the iPad, but you can only watch the programs/documentaries/tv shows that BBC offers there. If you want to watch the iBBC player and you don’t live in the UK, you have to pay for a proxy service (they give you an ip from the uk, so you trick the BBC website… but this is not legal and it costs 6€ per month or something like that)

I use YouTube as a get-around to show my Russian students BBC programmes. The news videos on the BBC website seem to work from anywhere though.

@Imyirtseshem “…Fry has done a lot of great things, but you’ve probably not learned to read yet.”

We can agree to differ in our opinion of Fry.

If you think that I have “…probably not learned to read yet…” then you are simply a fool. Sorry.

I prefer to be entertained intelligently to being bored intelligently. For me Mr Fry does the first one admirably.

I am sure Rank does not need and might, indeed, not want my support, but he has proved to us often enough that he is a very well read chap. So any “… probably not learned …” is totally off the mark.

Those are very generous words Sanne. (Probably more generous than I deserve!)

Ehre, wem Ehre gebührt! Perhaps the writer isn’t aware of your alter ego…

But just so that you don’t think I’m going soft on you: I shall visit the Guardian’s London HQ in October and have every intention of enjoying it!