Frozen app all the time. Does anyone have the same issue?

My android app freezes since last update while I read and listen at the same time :frowning: it’s almost impossible to use the app this way. Do u have the same problem anyone? And is there a way to get previous version of the app? Many thanks

Yes same issue. Crazily slow. I only stick to using web version which is sightly better in responsiveness.

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I don’t have this issue at all. It might help if you mention android version to the LingQ team. I can’t remember if it was on the iOS side or Android side, but I think they mentioned not being able to support versions below a particular version.

Are you reading along in the normal “viewer” or are you bringing up the view that highlights where the audio is at? The latter is if you click the bar at the bottom that represents the audio player.

This version was pushed to some users and had this issue. I have halted the release so you can now access the previous version if you want. But this issue is fixed now and a new version will be pushed soon but it might take a while to be available to everyone. So meanwhile, if you want, please join the beta group via the link below so you can download the latest build. Please let me know if the issue is fixed on this version.