From input to output

Hello my dear friends!
It’s almost a first time when I try to write in English, so It would be very nice if you will have corrected me. I began learn English nearly two years ago. I read many books, listen podcasts, but have too few output activity. So now I decided to write every day, and find a tutor for conversation. Please advise me a tutor who can help me! So many teachers on LingQ. And please, tell me about your experience on learning speak and write! Thanks to all!

Don’t forget to continue to write here on Lingqs’ forums because you will certainly improve if you do so . The more you will write the more conscious you will be of your style and hopefully with the help of our native speakers you will also receive some kind of feedback .

So good luck !

Thanks Madara. I want to communicate more on this forum. I don’t hesitate to write here, because so many people learn languages just as I do!
Also I’m going write a little essays, and sand them for “Correct Writing”. I think it would very efficient!

That’s a good idea. Also be careful when speaking with others here because some people here have very weird principles and reasoning and you might get annoyed if you approach a controversial topic . If you stick to superficial subjects everything is going to be OK ( except language learning of course ).