Friends page?

I miss the friends page. I was used to look to the blog entries of my friends. I was used to look there which lessons were shared, studied, got translations and so forth. I was used to look for the most active members etc.


We’ve temporarily disabled the Friends section as we address some issues that have come up. In the meantime, you can see how the new Friends page works by watching the video linked to at the top of the Learn page.

@VeraI, rae68 - As Alex says, we are working on the Friends section. However, when it is back up, I am sorry to say, we will not show members blogs any longer. We will also no longer show all the activities of your friends. Not all members liked to have all their activities shared by default and did not know how to prevent this. We know there are those like you who appreciated those features but we had to let them go for reasons of performance and to appeal to the larger group of members. You are able to follow active members by using the rankings or looking at their statistics and you will continue to be able to do this. We also hope to add filters to enable you to find lessons with resources in the library which you can sort by recency.

When the Friends page returns, it will display things your friends actively shared. This means they will be able to post links to images, videos, or even their own blog posts. They can mention when they have added videos, translations etc…and they can mention it one time for a course instead of automatically having it post for all 25 lessons in the course… Members will also share lessons they like and even share links to articles they have imported. LingQ members will then be able to comment on these posts. We will over time add more functionality here so that conversations can be shared and discussed. We think the new way of interacting on the Friends page will be more relevant and more interactive than before and will improve over time. Let’s wait until it’s up and see how it goes.

“We will also no longer show all the activities of your friends.”

Well I have found many good lessons via this feature. Now that’s gone. I’ll have to find them myself :frowning:

I agree with Hape. So, what’s the purpose of the Friends page if not to let us know what others are studying, so that we can also use those lessons? I doubt anybody cares that X or Y now knows 1,000 words in French… Only shared lessons are showed now… :frowning: That’s a loss from my point of view, just like when you removed the message “x has submitted 100 words in Polish for correction”. That could motivate others to write more and it’s gone, and now the lessons others study seem to be gone as well.

@u50634 - We encourage all members to give a rose to lessons they enjoy studying so that others can benefit. Previously all lessons good and bad were posted so there was no real recommendation. Also, if someone studied 10 lessons in the same course, they were all shared and made for a lot of noise on the wall. This way, members give a rose to (and therefore share) only the lessons they really enjoyed so that others will know these lessons are recommended. Plus you can now see the shared lessons of all members studying your target language in one list. It’s different than before. We think it’s better and will get better as more people give roses to good lessons.

@michele - The writing notification was removed because some members resented the automatic reporting of what they were doing. We can’t please everyone. We make choices. Over time we will enable more activities to be shared on the walls so that eventually you will have the option of sharing your writing on your wall.

I loved to see which lessons my friends study! Please bring this feature back. Also I liked to see the new shared lessons, translations, lesson notes etc. It gives me the feeling to partizipate in the learning of other learners.

I agree with u50623, Vera, rae68, and Michele. I found it extremely useful to know what my LingQ friends were studying. This feature, I believe, is a vital part of community communication. There were things I did not come across in the library, but by clicking on a friend’s profile page, I found many lessons that way, and even blogs I could peruse.

I love the new LingQ, but will definitely miss the Friend’s page.

@Mark: “The writing notification was removed because some members resented the automatic reporting of what they were doing.” I remember reading this explanation at that time, but I still don’t get how this message would have been different from the announce “X has signed up for a conversation with Y”. The writing notification was even more anonymous than the speaking one. Anyway, I’m glad to hear that in the future it will be possible to show writing notifications as well.

@Yirtse: I think your approach makes sense this time. It would be good if users could choose what they want to share and what they want to see on their walls.

Just before the Big Fix for LingQ V2, the profile page listed the lessons we were studying and recommendations. The only thing missing were wall posts. Is there anyway you can bring this back?

~~oh, I got confused, the recommendations are listed on the Timeline.

~~Wait a minute! I’m flipping through my mental rolodex and I think Recommendations were indeed listed on the profile page original V2.

I second Yvette’s proposal.

@Yvette - Not sure what you mean by recommendations. We hope users will share things they like on their walls instead of automatically sharing everything they do. It will be more meaningful and you will be able to see everything your friends do all at once. Right now lessons can be shared including imported lessons. In future, more will be shareable. This is the direction we are moving in. We are not going back to automatic posting which wasn’t relevant most of the time.

Mark, I was referring to “Recommended Lessons”. In any case, I understand your point. Keep up the great work!

Ok, Mark. If we learnt to share all the lessons we find interesting, this would certainly be more profitable than seeing a long list of messages like “mikebond is studying an imported lesson (Polish)”, that’s sure. :slight_smile: