Friends i am new to LingQ, i request any one to correct my paragraph

I had a situation like that when I was studying 10th standard teachers had gone to strike for salary revision and other employee benefits. No one was available to take classes we were free and making noise, roaming here and there. Our headmaster Mr. Ramkumar requested the lower standard teacher to take classes. Mr. Gunasekaran was taking classes to 8th standard had come to our class. We all knew him when we were studying 8th standard. We all eager to introduce ourselves as we wanted to confirm whether he remembers us or not. So each one of us stood and introduced our selves. When it was my turn I raised from my seat I started to introduce my self, He suddenly stopped me and said I know you, you were not a bright student, how did you pass your 8th and 9th standard. It was an embarrassing moment in my school days.