Friends' Activity

I really liked the Friends’ Activity feature. I get more motivated to study by knowing how my friends and students are doing and that my tutor can see my works. However, I cannot see the lessons my friends studied in these days. Is this something do with re-indexing the workdesk (I think I read it somewhere, but I cannot find it anymore)? Will this feature come back someday soon?

It will come back. We are adding features, trying to speed up the site and fixing bugs, all as quickly as we can. Just hang on. There are more good features to come.

That’s good to hear. I really loved that feature. I can wait as long as I know it will be back :slight_smile:

I like this features too.

Another wish: The number of shown activities is too short, because in one day there is so much activity that some activity is not shown, when you show again the lessons that my friends are studying.

As a tutor German I have the idea, that it would be nice to have a page, where all activities of German learners are shown. That would be great.


You can control this now but making German learners your friends. It is only the friends’ activities which show up. In the future we can refine this function so please keep your requests and suggestions coming.

Yes, I try to do this, but it is a lot of work to take control, which students are studying German, because every day there are new students. I try to be up to date, but it isn’t easy.

You can search in the Friends’ area for members who are learning German. The most active ones show up higher on the list.