FrenchPod: just disappeared?


i was studying French with the series “French Pod”, but today it just disappeard. Why was it cancelled? So sorry, it was so good… any possibility to put it back?

Courses from the library do have a tendency to disappear when you least expect. Do you have any of the lessons in your archive? If so, try deleting them and checking again. This is a known issue and the folks at LingQ are I think looking into it.

Thank you for your kind reply, Jamie. I’n not sure how to delete them because they’re mixex up with others… do you suggest I should just delete everything in my French archive, or there’s another solution?

@Tosca - If you go to the My Lessons page and switch the view on the left to “Courses” are you able to see the FrenchPod course?

Unfortunately, you can’t delete whole courses from the archive; it has to be done on a per lesson basis, which is obviously a pain if you have lots of lessons there.

If you can hunt down a lesson (any lesson) from the archive (or anywhere else), you can get the whole course back. Simply open the lesson and then, from there, open up the entire course (from one of the tabs on the right). But I don’t think you can copy them again into your work space, because they are kind of doomed as soon as you move them into the archive.

@Tosca - I was also using that course “FrenchPod”. Unfortunately, it seems that his owner unshared the course. So, all the lessons from it are not available anymore.

Thanks to all of you! Too bad… I hope it will be uploaded again