French writer WWII

Could somebody recommend a book by a French writer about France’s involvement in World War II?

I do not know what you are looking for but Suite française by Irène Némirovsky is supposed to be an excellent book about war time France. I even have it home but have not read it. Now that you asked the question I might just start it.

Would you prefer a historical book which precisely and thoroughly stick the events as they occured or would you prefer a sort of novel in which the characters go through the World War II background?

I’m looking for non fiction Non fiction. I saw the book that Steve recommended and might check that out. What I’m especially looking for is a view of the war from the French point of view. A French writer/historian who goes through the general beginnings, the appeasement, the outset, and then the occupation and liberation from the French point of view talking about French newspapers and French politicians how certain people in France felt the Vichy Government. I read way too much about Churchill and what he thought and did, before and at the beginning.

I’m looking for some general and found a list of untranslated stuff that never seemed to get translated, but I find that I know the war much better through almost everyone’s eyes (British,German,Italian,Polish,Russian,American) except for France and Japan too. Most of the stuff on the Japan side that’s translated though involves the bomb.

If you are not reluctant to put your nose to the grindstone, there is a work in ten volumes written by Henri Amouroux:
“La Grande Histoire des Français sous l’Occupation”
or “La Vie des Français sous l’Occupation” in two volumes.
There is a big controversy around this journalist, namely whether he belonged to the French resistance or whether he collaborated with the nazis.