French Week 24 - Almost There!

New blog entry here:

Known Words: 18002
Hours Listened: 183.5

So I have one week left of the first part of my 100 week adventure of learning French. I was aiming to get to 20,000 known words by this point, but it looks like I will fall a little short of that. Never mind, I am very pleased with the progress I have made in the first 25 weeks, and I am feeling excited and optimistic about stage two (more on stage two next week).

What have I been reading?
The past few weeks I have been working my way through Les Apparences (or Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn). It is slow work and I am only a fifth of the way through it, but I will keep chipping away at it. I am simultaneously reading the book and listening to the audiobook.

What have I been listening to?
I have been getting into an excellent routine of one hour of French listening a day. I have a playlist set up on my LingQ app and each day I add one new lesson to the start of the playlist, and remove the oldest lesson. I am trying to keep things interesting by varying the content and difficulty. At the moment I am rotating between:

News in Slow French (
Journal en Français Facile (
Nouvelle collection de français ( niveau intermédiaire et au-dessus) by Serge. (Login - LingQ)
French LingQ Podcast (Login - LingQ)

Target for Week 25: 18282 known words.


Très impressionnant! Félicitations.

Impressionnant travail- bravo!

Maintenant, je vais lire votre blog plus en détail , car il est très motivant . Merci d’avance.