French Week 1

My first week of learning French:

Coming to the end of week 1 of my French adventure. I have been doing exactly what I need to be doing in my first week: reading! Here was my target for week 1:

Week 1 target: 700 known words.
Week 1 target accomplished: 1710 known words!

I have worked my way through at least a third of the beginner material over at LingQ. Most of this material is of a very good quality and falls into three categories: basic sample phrases, “presentations” where people introduce themselves, and a couple of basic conversations. From the last category, Who is She and Eating Out are an excellent place to start - with characters and narrative. They are also the only lessons from level 1 that are really interesting enough to download and listen away from the computer. This is a good reason for focusing on getting that known word count up - I really don’t want to be walking around listening to people reading out conjugations and sample phrases, I want to get some (semi) real, interesting content.

I will be a bit busier over the next week, but still I will aim to get another 700 words under my belt. So the target for week 2:

Week 2 target: 2400 known words.

See you next week!


Tu vas vite! FĂ©licitations et bon courage pour la semaine prochaine.

Bonne continuation !

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