French vocabulary lesson pronouncing words in English

How can I fix this problem? My French vocabulary lessons now pronounce French words as English words.

I am sorry to hear that. Which device and browser are you using?

I have an iPad and the vocabulary lessons are being opened in Safari From my gmail account. It has been fine up until now. I do not know why things changed. I can open my vocab lessons directly from theLingq app without any problems.

Can you please double check if you old Daily LingQs emails open to the app or not?
Please forward us a non-working daily lingqs email to support(at) and you can also forward us another one that works properly so that we can check both out and try to figure out what’s going on. Thanks!

Over the last few days all my audio French vocabulary is being pronounced with a strong English accent.
Consequently the vocabulary feature is useless to me at the moment as a learning tool.
I have, so far not found any ”workaround“ for this problem.
I would appreciate some feedback on this issue ASAP.

I am sorry to hear that. We do have some issue with TTS on iOS devices. Which device and browser are you using?

You can use some of online website portal or google translator for learn french language or taker some classes for french vocab also some useful website also helps you for learn french language