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Dear Learners,
I need an advice, have recently started learning French and LingQ is my primary driver. Biggest problem I face is conjugation of verbs. If you just look up Reverso for conjugation of Avoir or Aller there are 21 different tense possibility just for “Je”, this is overwhelming.
Can someone who learned French as a non-native advise what is the best way to learn them, should I keep using LingQ and learn by exposure or take grammar classes or is there any other way.

Take it very easy. Step by step. Exposure + paying attention to the different forms and what meaning they convey is what will make you master all aspects of the language, including conjugation. Occasional reading grammar explanations can help as well. E.g. getting a basic beginner’s book and reading through it as you keep using Lingq can help you wrap your head arount the subtleties of the language, but don’t try to memorise just yet, just read the book and go back to the explanations as you encounter new verb forms.
Anyway, just accept that it’ll be a log time before you feel confident in the language. Sometimes it must seem impossible but keep at it and you’ll make it.
Je vous souhaite du succès.

You could try importing a good YouTube series of lessons into Lingq. (keep private)
Take a look at this one, which has CC in both French & English. Stay away from auto-generated CC. (too many mistakes).

Good Luck

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