French TV shows and movies with subtitles

Does anyone have any good recommendations on how to get decent quality full length tv shows and movies in French with subtitles?

I know of and but I was thinking of full length material. Also, I know that there’s this site but does anyone know of any other resources?

iTunes is limited, although they have French movies, a lot of the sub-titles aren’t in French. And unfortunately I can’t take advantage of the French store in iTunes without a French address.

Please let me know if you have any recommendations.



have a look at youtube: french movies with subtitles.
there are a lot!


If you want to play iTunes movies on non-Apple devices, you may have to get rip of DRM protection at first. Since all iTunes videos are combined with DRM protection, it can be played on Apple devices only. If you really want to enjoy these videos freely, you can use DRM Media Converter to convert iTunes movies from M4V to MP4 with all audio tracks, subtitles, including AC3, 5.1 dolby surround audio, cc, etc. It works at faster speed to convert videos with zero loss quality.

I’m watching from within France so maybe my results will be different to yours, but in general search for ‘film’, ‘complet’, ‘VF’ and always put a comma and then ‘CC’ to bring up only things with subtitles.

I would advise using a VPN and changing the country to France then using the French Netlfix, oh and searching for French telenovas

In the U.S. and Canada there is MHZ Choice which is subscription based. There is a ton of french content available whenever you would like to watch it. There are some great series available!

Netflix has a lot of French TV shows and movies, most of them are available with French subtitles – a handful of French shows also have French descriptive audio tracks which are super useful for language learning. (French shows with the “Netflix Original” label will most likely have this.)

Also, pretty much every single Netflix Original TV show or movie will be available with French dubbing and French subtitles. Though dubbing may not have as much ‘original’ flavor, it’s usually easier to understand, so I think watching dubbed content has its own benefits for language learners.

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The easiest way to do it is to get the movies and attach subtitles to it, you can get subtitles from websites like and