French TV resources that i use

Dunno if a thread like this exists but i couldn’t find one. Some learners of French seemed to find my previous post useful where i linked to a show on youtube. I thought i might as well make a thread and put all the shows i watch in here.

So, a list, all of which are available on youtube:

Le jour où tout a basculé - loosely, ‘the day where everything was turned upside down’.
7 Jours - channel with political/social interviews with different people, English subs.
C’est pas sorcier - ‘it’s not magic’ - science show aimed at kids/young teenagers.
Caillou en français - kids cartoon about a spoilt little boy.
Confessions d’histoire - history channel.
Fais pas ci, fais pas ça - drama about two neighbouring families and their kids.
Documentaire animalier - channel with tonnes of 25 minute long educational nature talks with host.
Histony - channel about history. - documentary channel. talk shows - talk show with various guests.
Jeune diplomée - show starring Tiphaine Haas from fais pas ci…
L’Ecole de Permaculture du Bec Hellouin - permaculture and horticulture channel.
La france d’en face - sitcom type thing.
La parenthèse inattendue - informal chat type talk show.
La patrona - Spanish telenovela overdubbed in French.
Le potager familial bio - organic vegetable growing channel.
Les animaux du Monde - nature documentaires in French.
Les carnets de Julie - cookery programme with regular full-episode uploads.
Mère et fille - shorts similar to Un gars, une fille.
Passion Animale et végétale - monologues from a nature enthusiast on a variety of topics.
PermacultureDesign - design and permaculture channel.
Rustica l’hebdo jardin - also a magazine. Gardening, horticulture, permaculture, nature.
Sous le soleil - cheesy 90’s sitcom set in St Tropez.
Stupefiant ! - news shows.
Survivalisme vidéo tuto juju n - ‘survivalism’ channel.
Survivre Avec les plantes - channel by Marie Cachet showing you how to identify and prepare wild plants for eating/making stuff.
Thé ou café - one-on-one talk show with guest.
Un gars une fille - fast-firing comedy skits with Alexandra Lamy and Jean Dujardin.

That’s all i have for now. I don’t bother with the radio anymore, rightly or wrongly, because i find it easier picking up the language from real scenes because i find them easier to understand, probably because of the facial expressions/body language etc). I live in France so my needs won’t be the same as everyone’s. I also use graphic novels (namely The Walking Dead series) and news sites or other novels/short stories to help my comprehension.

If you stick with one series on the list, or one format, you will find your listening comprehension will improve alongside reading on here, even where the shows have no subtitles.

Thanks for posting this. It would be great to have similar lists for other languages.

No excuse for not learning french.

what a fantastic list!! Cheers!! :slight_smile:

For those wishing to also follow some Belgian shows:

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Looks great, but too bad for me. “Désolé mais nous n’avons pas le droit de diffuser ce contenu dans ce pays.”

If you install the hola add-on to your browser it might work

yeah i use hola it isgood but the belgian shows do not have subtitles like the french channels in france like france 2

I did a little research on Hola. It does not appear to be safe, or legal.

There are tons of French resources. So, I’ll take a pass on Hola. I don’t want to install anything that might compromise my computer and my privacy.

@Imani: Thanks for the warning! Didn’t know this. Will have a look at alternatives!

@Ktj200: Any shows you can recommend from France 2?

i don’t use it anymore i tried it once and it worked better than any other vpn addon on chrome but i read the privacy clause and deleted itand found something else

they are many but i like plus belle la vie
meutres au paradis
flynn carson et les nouveaux aveturiers
dix pour cent
and also some british and american shows dubbed into french