French Test

Hi, this June 29 I am taking a test to “opt” out of French one. Problem is I don’t know much grammar and that is big with all school foreign language test. Any recommendations.
And BTW i’ve been studying French for about a month. But i studied it once before when I was about 8 (about 5 years ago) for about 3 months. Any advise…

Wow! (I say wow because you have to get going now!)

And well, if I were in your shoes I’d grab hold of French For Reading by Karl C. Sandberg, and Eddison C. Tatham.
This is the book that grads use to pass the language reading proficiency exam. Every component of the language is broken down!
You can get through the entire book in about a month if you work diligently. You will learn how to READ French using this method.

For audile training, use this site–just go the library and choose “Courses.”

The test will not have past or future tenses though it will just go over basic vocab, basic sentence structure, asking questions, and other basic stuff like that…

Do you know where I could find “French For Reading” at a lower price.

Now just in this month I probably have over 40 hours of study

Okay…the extra information you provided helps narrow the focus. You will definitely not need French for Reading !

For basic vocabulary and basic sentence structure:

The Berlitz Self-Teacher (Important classic, here. The repetitions will help consolidate the basics of sentence structure. )

Easy French Step-By-Step by Myrna Bell Rochester

Painless French Carol Chaitkin, and Lynn Gore.

thank you i will look into these

40 hours of study in one month? That’s excellent!!

I just love it and do it all of the time lol, I want to become fluent and I am still young (13) so it will be easier now cause I don’t have a job… Its alot of fun, im trying to get one of my friends to try it though. Maybe if I pass the exam they will want to do the same thing as me… but we’ll see.

Thanks again

One last suggestion: Remember that “Review is the mother of study.”

So, you may want to rotate your review sessions regularly.

Also, you may want to add one more hour of study to your schedule; example, study in the morning, then later again in the evening. Short sessions at a time are beneficial.

Most importantly, eat well, rest well, and exercise to give your brain cells food.

Lastly, I wish you much success! Bonne continuation !

Thanks I will keep the review thing in mind, you have a very good point that you made me think of. Or at least I will make sure I will review, and reading the “Easy French Reader” is really good for me because it is quite easy so it helps me think (try) in French.

You are welcome , you will succeed, and I think you absolutely will become fluent! You have an awesome attitude, because you have the most crucial ingredient necessary to make your dreams come true–you just love French.

I’ll be rooting for you, so let me and LingQ know how you aced that exam!


I’ll keep you updated