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Hello! I’d like to find some French podcasts that are a little longer and funnier than the usual educational ones. If anyone know any nice podcasts that are not made solely for educational-purposes, be sure to tell me! All I can find are very short (around 2-4 minutes) and only talk about education. To sum it up, I’d like to find some “real” podcasts. Do you know where I can find them and what do you recommend? Thank you!

Economics, politics, history, music, philosophy, arts, foreign affairs, literature, science, … and many more topics are available on France Culture’s podcasts !
The only catch is that they are definitively not for the beginner. A good C1 level is necessary if you want to enjoy these podcasts.
Here is the link : Podcasts et émissions en replay – France Culture

Have fun !

Thank you a lot, I will definitely check that out! I would say that I’m pretty good at French since I’ve studied it for six years but I really need to catch up on the listening part but I find the normal educational ones boring and slow :slight_smile:

Here are some other links for advanced learners in French:

You can find on itunes some canadian radio podcasts too.

Hi Juli! I am using:

I am sure they will be quite useful for you. Have fun with them!! Please post your opinion!!

voir français Authentique podcast c’est tres bien pour les apprenant suivez ce lien: Podcasts - Français Authentique

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On Gloss you can dowload mp3 files with their transcript (+ the English translation). You have to dowload them from the “Downloads” column. Not all of them come with the transcript though (most of the Arabic ones do) and I don’t know if the French voices are boring or not. Still, it’s about a wide range of topics and I find it very useful for Arabic at least.

Thank you! I will take some time to try them out and let you know what I think of them :slight_smile:
EDIT: Did you mean www.pas-de-stress-com ?

Merci! J’écouterai à demain :slight_smile:

Thank you! I will definitely check it out :slight_smile:
Sorry, it seems that the link was not completely correct.

I listened to the episode called “Avoir des valises sous les yeux”. It was alright, very educational :slight_smile: (we use the exact same expression in Swedish and I know that it’s used in English too hehe). But, I was looking for something that is NOT made for educational reasons. This morning while riding the bus I listened to a podcast called l’originale. It was fun. A little quick at some parts but I understood a lot - the goal is to catch every single word :wink:

I use these; most are long, and a wide range of topics:

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Thank you for the link Micenkova . It might come in handy.