French novels/stories

Just wondering if anyone can recommend any French novels containing a decent amount of modern slang and regular, everyday conversation?

I’m kind of imagining something written in the style of Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting or something like that (butin French obviously).

I find the current issue I’ve got with comprehensible input is that although I’ve got a pretty wide ranging French vocabulary I often end up using rather literary words which despite being correct, are not widely used.

Cheers in advance for any suggestions


It’s not what you are requesting except that it is about everyday liffe in Paris:

It has subtitles in French.


That´s funny, I think Trainspotting must have been translated to French and I´ve just seen there is an German edition on, there must be an equivalent French site. I´m still waiting for it to be translated into English though!


I don’t use novels for that sort of language, i watch TV. Serge le Mytho and Bloques were my favourites, along with reality TV (Cherie c’est moi le chef) and things like Le Pire Stagiaire.

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Cheers! I’ll check those out

Check out the novels of Virginie Despentes! For instance “Baise-moi”. Lots of drugs and slang.

Well. I think it’s a hard video. They speak fast. Their vocabulary is not what you will study first.

Do you have a French bookshop nearby? I was in London yesterday, and popped in to a French bookshop in South Ken. They recommended some novels to read.

It’s an online bookstore:

“La tête en friche” by Marie-Sabine Roger uses many colloquial expressions. The hero is an uneducated young man who can’t express himself in any other way.

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I live in France actually, so I shouldn’t have any issues with accessing decent books. I just find myself using obscure vocabulary in conversation which although correct; is a little too literary sounding. I’ve had a few funny looks lol

Interestingly though, it has helped when speaking with older people. I secretly congratulated myself when my neighbour was talking about her ‘mansarde’ and I didn’t need to ask what she was talking about. Not a word that you’d hear many younger people using though

That sounds interesting. I’ll check it out!

Is there a French equivalent to “Has tha swallowed dictionary lad?”. That is what some relatives would say to me if I used a word with two or more syllables.

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Thank goodness I didn’t see that before restarting my French studies, I would have chosen Spanish. I do understand most of the French, but some words are new for me, so mean nothing.

“parler comme un livre”

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I have fun learning from American fiction translated into French. Artémis by Andy Weir had a bunch of slang (and swears) in it and is a good read!