French news/radio/ interviews with transcripts?


I’m sure I’m being lazy and not looking far enough, but is there such a site in French, like “Echo Moscow”.
Current affairs, news, interviews with audio and transcripts ?

We are spoiled for Russian content from Echo Moscow; am I hoping too much for something similar for French ? : )

I have yet to find anything. is in a very clear French and generally there is a description or news article with each video that can help you understand the “gist.”

If somebody comes up with a site with transcripts, I’ll probably start crying from relief :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone here want to make a grown man cry?

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Thanks MissTake, I’ll see if the written articles are in the same as the spoken news radio.

The only content like this I am aware of is on RFI Le français facile avec RFI : Apprendre le français avec l'actualité internationale. Le journal en francais facile.

Ah, thanks, that’s perfect for me : ) Real news article with transcript and spoken word, 1 - 2 minutes long, great : )