French Mini Stories

I keep hearing about ‘Mini Stories’ and from what I understand they are stories that use some of the most common vocabulary of a language in a beginner or intermediate-friendly fictional story…

Where can I find these? Are these just the stories in the guided course for the lower levels? Or are they found somewhere else?


Not really. They present stories from different viewpoints and then again as questions so you can get a lot of exposure and get used to variations in verb forms and so on. They do strive to use some useful, everyday vocabulary but there’s no guarantee that all the vocabulary is so frequent or that there are a lot of very usual words that do not come up in the stories. Indeed, that is the case in my experience.
Anyway, they are useful, especially in the first stages of learning a language.
You can find them by searching for “Lingq mini stories” at the search box in the “lessons” tab.
Here is a link to the French ones:

Thank you.