French LingQ mini story #41

I think that in French Mini Story #41 there is a type-o. I believe that “l’ami d’antoine commandent” should be " l’ami d’antoine commande" 3rd pers sing present conjugation vs 3rd pers plural conjugation. Otherwise it should be “les amis d’Antoine commandent” but the story is about his friend (singular) not his friends.

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Thanks, I fixed that.

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I found what I think is another type-o: French LingQ mini-story #49 A.) sentence #4:


Hello Zoran,
I think I may have found two more type-os in the French mini-stories:
-Histoire #57 pg 2 sentence 4: “mais surtout il est encore plus important carbon pour l’environnement.” I think “carbon” should be “bon” as in “good” for the environment as opposed to “carbon” for the environment which doesn’t make much sense.
-Historie #57 last page, 1st sentence: " Combien de personnes peuvaient être " I cannot find this conjugation peuvaient in any verb conjugator and I think it might be “pouvaient” 3rd pers singular of imparfait of pouvoir. I don’t think peuvent makes as much sense, pouvaient would make sense as “have been able to be” (in those lanes… ) Please let me know if this makes sense or if I somehow simply could not find this unusual conjugated form somehow. Sorry if I seem to be fussy, but I would like to know. Thanks.

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Thanks! Not sure, I don’t speak French, but I’ll ask someone to check that.