French learning

Guyz any tip for french is welcome. Im intermidiate and i am trying to break through that wall .

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Something that really gets me interested when I am working on my French is finding out about what is going on in Africa! I like to read BBC Afrique and Radio Okapi. Radio Okapi is also a radio station which I listen to from time to time as well.

if you are fluent in english and you are learning french, I can add you to our skype group.
Nous sommes 04 pour le moment et nous avons besoin d’une ou deux personnes anglophones.
les conversations se déroulent de 17h40-19h30. Voilà

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mohandtal I speak english at near fluency level.My account on skype is cj.lafiotis

Hi Mohandtal
I am a native english speaker and I am learning french. My skype is cnobrown,

Hi guys, I sent you skype request, don’t be shy accept and come into our group

Hi, No invite in my skype account at the moment.

Hi Mohandtal

I am fluent in English and I am learning French. My skype is

Hi, I sent a second request, hope you will get it.

Hi are you still looking for anyone else to join the group? I am English Canadian and would like to learn french. What time zone are you in. I am in the Newfoundland time zone

Listen a lot.

im from greece so we have about 5 hours difference

im aiming for about 30000 words in 3 months from now but i better start to learn some lingqs because they have become enough or more than enough

Hi cjlaf…how could u learn almost 12k words in 1 month?..that’s awesome!

the fact that i run through assimil sans peine and assimil en pratique helped a lot but that was almost 1 year ago. If i only knew lingq existed and i could abuse it like that i would have been over 30000…But i believe i will be somewhere there before summer hopefuly any tip is welcome!!!

Change the material you use to read and listen and make it advanced (very advanced) as movies, decoumentry and scientific materials, novels…etc
Start to read and write at same time at least 300 words daily
Speak as much as you can with others speakers if this chance is available and if you can not get this chance start to speak, record to your self at least 5 miuntes daily and compare your recording and analysis your speaking from these sides : fluency, confidence , speed, grammar, tone and pronunciation


Now, at intermidiate level you can use now lists of words from some applications as Fun Easy learn for 6000 words and 5000 phereses or others :-

Good luck

I am currently reading Le comte de mote christo and then i will read the 3 masquetiers which i believe are advanced material…I gave it a though and i believe that it would be better if i keep on doin what i do and maybe when i will be about 25-28000 words i may give word lists a try even though i will have learned more lingqs but i will create even more… just a thought …i also do private lessons with a french person which keeps me more active in a way!!!

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Great, try to write also to cover the four skills.
Good luck

Your Spanish and French stats are really impressive.