French grammar that more difficult than the spanish one

i keep hearing this even from some internet polyglots which i feel is strange because to me they are quite some similarities but for some people it’s the reason they chose spanish over french because they heard it was so. my spanish is much better than my french i think they have both complex grammer rules

I think it really just depends on the language learner’s experiences. At first glance, French grammar may seem more difficult than Spanish grammar or vice versa. However, through lots of listening and reading, people can start seeing and listening patterns and gradually improve over time. This does not happen over night. This takes a lot of time. However, we all are going to make mistakes even if we are native speakers of a language at a native level of fluency.

Even if french grammar is more difficult than spanish grammar (I’m not saying it is) they are both comparatively equal when compared to other languages. It’s really feels like splitting hairs to me. A much larger difference is that with french (for someone how knows english) you get so many vocabulary words for “free” and I think this difference outweighs any grammar difference anyway.