French graded reading if LingQ is too hard first off

I don’t have a French keyboard so bare with me.

The books are graded in 26 levels from A-Z. I’m going to give an example sentence for each level: It has about 5 or more books per level.

The books start off short with only 24 words, but gradually get larger and larger each level.

Grade aa) Sur le lit = which means “on the bed”

Grade a) Je vais au parc which means “I go to the park”

Grade b) faisons un sandwich which means “make a sandwich”

Grade c) peux-tu aider a nettoyer la maison? which means “can you help clean the house?”

Grade d) La roue se detache du camion which means “the wheel detaches from the truck”

Okay I can’t be bothered anymore. So I’m going to go up 4 letters at a time

Remember the books build you up to these levels. I’ve already gone through 10 books on level aa in just half an hour.
Also the books are repetitive in the beginning.

For example I go to the shop
I go to the park
I go

So your getting constant exposure to high frequency words. In fact that is their aim.

Grade H tout ce que nou faisons prend du temps which means “everything we do takes time”

Grade L Avril etait en train de faire ses devoirs quand son pere lui a apporte un cadeau which means:

April was doing her/his homework, when his/her father brings his/her a gift.

Anyway laziness kicks in so here is Grade Z

I’m going to write the example sentence for Grade Z in English cause laziness kicked in:

“Bree squealed excitedly as Tessa bounced around the living room grinning like a fool and waving the newspaper up and down.”

This site also offers Spanish versions of their books (most, if not all, translated from the original English versions).