French-German dictionnairy

Is it possible to add a better dictionary for translation from French to German? I miss some important information like the type of the word, the basic form of the word, and the gender of nouns.
The dictionary English-German for example is much better in my opinion.
It is no fun to look up all the words in a second dictionary.

Hi Vera,

We will look at the dictionary issue some day but it is not going to happen any time soon. The thing is that Babylon covers many different language combinations which is why it is so good. Unfortunately, some of their dictionaries are better than other. Are there any “Other Dictionaries” shown for French-German right now? It will be easier to add these than to change the main dictionary provider.

The translation is allways from “ADO FRENCH GERMAN Dictionary”. Sometimes I got a French-English translation. There are no “Other Dictionaries” shown.

Hi Vera,

your are right, Babylon is not the best dictionary for translation French-German. Mostly I use Leo. It means more work, but it is much better.

I do not want to promise, but I think we can add more dictionaries fairly soon. Eventually we may have different default dictionaries for different combinations of target language and native language but that will be more work and will be later.

Vera, we hear you. We will try to fit this in as soon as we can. We are also working on the site speed and other issues, but we hear you.

Yes, I use Leo too as my dictionairy.
I think, I’m very organized in my studies and I use tagging to classify the word. It is really important for me to get more information of a word.
I hope, there is a solution soon. That would be nice.

The dictionary function is very confusing. First there is a translation from English to German and after that from French to German when I study French (my native language is German).
For Example in the French item is the word “loin” and I link this word.
First dictionary translation is
English German dictionary
n. Lende (Anatomie)

Second dictionary translation is
entfernt;fern;weit;weit weg

Second translation is correct because it is the translation from the French word “loin” into German. I don’t know why there is show the translation from the English word “loin” into German. That is VERY confusing!

We have said that we will address the dictionary issue in the near future. Right now we are focused on the site speed and how to make the site easier to understand and use. We will get to the dictionary issue to make sure everyone can access the best dictionary for each language combination.

So for now there is not much I can do besides note your dissatisfaction.


I suggest you set your dictionary language to English for now. There will be more User Hints and a better dictionary. Then you can save any English words you do not know and enter them in the English vocabulary section.

Yes, I know that you cannot implement new dictionaries.
I wanted to point out that only the “ADO FRENCH GERMAN Dictionary” shows a translation from French to German.
The “English German dictionary” shows a translation that is not related to French.
Maybe it is easy to get rid of the “English German dictionary” in case of studying French->German.


I changed my native language to German and target language to French to see what you are facing. The problem is that we use Babylon as a default. Babylon connects to a variety of dictionaries depending on the word you select. In some cases it will go to an English dictionary or some other exotic dictionary. Until we set up specific optimum dictionaries for each language combination, there is nothing we can do. We will continue to rely on Babylon, which is not a dictionary but a dictionary search service. Sorry I cannot do anything for now. Hopefully we can deal with this in the near future.