French Facebook Page is up!

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying yourselves. I’m pleased to announce that the French page on Facebook is now up. Follow this link to get there:

For all of you who are studying French or interested in French, I encourage you to go to the page and “Like” it. Also, don’t forget to invite your friends!



This doesn’t regard the french section specifically. Is there a way to get my lingq badge on facebook? Lingq provides the code, but where would I got about putting it on facebook so that it displays on my FB page? I would like to the lingq graphic display. Is this possible? If you post the code into the spaces meant for text (quotes, biography, etc) it just displays the text of the code and not the graphic.


Hi James,

You can find all the information about it here:
It’s a cached version since we’re redoing some of the blogs but readable nonetheless :slight_smile:



You might want to try this one instead:


Worked great! Thanks!!!