French course

I intend to organize a course for intermediate to advanced French learners in the early year 2009. Prior, I would like to know how many students could be interested. Indeed, I desire to vary exercises.
I will use new contents - conversations with my sister Christine, My daughter Anne and my friend Marianne, a tutor at LingQ - that will be probably released in January 2009.
I also mean to lead drills that need groups of people who will confront each other, not physically of course, but only verbally. There will be playful exercises. You will have to prepare some courses in advance at home, using your writing skills. Others will be discovered in due course, namely at the last minute.
You will also have one-on-one conversations or/and group discussions about imposed topics.
Eventually, I will answer questions you will put on “ask your tutor” forum as often as needed.




This looks great. I doubt if we will get a lot of people volunteering yet. I will be up to us to promote our site.

You may want to go to the LingQ community and make friends with the people who are learning French.

I was in Russian …I meant Serge

Yes, I would be interested. My French used to be fairly good intermediate but I’ve not used it since school.