French course

As the framework of the new courses is not tailored to fit the lessons I planed to schedule in January, you have to be patient. Indeed, I decided to postpone my course in order to prepare a more suitable one.
I think that students prefer to listen to recent podcasts, so I still need to record one conversation to complete a one-month course. I hope I’m ready soon.


I commented in French but will comment again here in English because I believe this subject is of wider interest.

I am not convinced that learners prefer recent podcasts. It is certainly not my case. I like what I like, it could be anything, history, literature, travel, food, or simply conversations. By all means add more content to the Library that suits your course, but in the meantime please also use the content we have to organize one or several courses.

There may have been a tendency for our members to select “new” items, but that is in part because our Library is poorly organized. Now, with the courses we, as tutors, have a chance to help the learners choose items that are relevant to a particular subject, or at their level. Not everyone who follows the course outline will actually sign up for your course, at least not at first.

In the future we do plan to improve the Library.

Please do not wait to set up courses, I think it is a way of making it easier for learners to understand how to use our system.


To some extent I agree with you about whether or not students prefer to listen to recent podcasts. However, when it comes to topical references, the problem is quite different. Indeed, I assume people don’t like for instance, to listen to a content about Halloween at Christmas time, or about the campaign for the primary while the American election to the presidency is done.
The latest recording I did with my daughter Anne is relevant to her review for her mid term exam that will occur in January. What is the interest to listen to it in February when she is finished ?
No matter what, I’m going to do my best to schedule French course as soon as possible.

I know what you mean Serge! I keep trying to put together a business English course. Every time I find a nice article about a company that’s doing well, my husband informs me that they aren’t doing well any more and it makes me feel a bit of a prune :frowning:


Very hard job to find a company that is doing well nowadays! You ought to search for those which are bankrupting, which would be pretty easier…
I look forward to talking to you.