French conversarions between 8 and 10 am CET

I am looking for French conversarions between 8 and 10 am CET with a native French tutor, anybody?

Sorry: conversarions → conversations.

Bonjour Hape ! I was suggested it today ! Do you want have a conversation right now?
What does mean CET?

CET = Central European Time, the time zone in France & Germany

Ok, thanks hape.

I am still interested in French conversations around 9 am CET (time zone in Central Europe) with a native French tutor, nobody?
If a French tutor is willing to offer me a time slot at around 9 am, please write a short note on my board, because I am unable to check everyday all time slots of all tutors.

Unfortunately, hape, 9 am your time is around 1 in the morning here in Vancouver, otherwise I would offer my albeit non-native and somewhat opinionated services, which may not interest you anyway.

You will have to rely on our French friends. I wonder if we cannot rouse more interest on French blogs and elsewhere for more French participants. We have four excellent tutors, I am sure, I know three of them but have not spoken to Mario. If the times don’t fit, we need to try to recruit some more. Have you posted on the French forum?

I would like to summon the Quebecois. I don’t see any tutors from Quebec lately. It is a pity.

The Quebecois would have to be real night owls to accommodate hape. But I will see who I might be able to scare up to tutor at normal hours for them.

You can try too. BTW I really appreciate your effort to stir up our Chinese speaking community.

No problem Steve. I wish we can stir up the Quebecois community too!

It seems unbelievable – Really nobody??
Can that be?
Come on, French tutors, who wants my points? Otherwise my points will go back to Steve …

9:00 h CET…

Ok, I must admit, my french is really lousy.

I am interested, but I am not native French. I’ve been learning French in l’alliance francais for a couple of years, and now I am working on speaking.
If you please, you can send me a message. Besides, you don’t have to spend points for the coversation with me.

Hi Hape !
I could be free on saturday 7 May in the morning for a conversation. Are you interested in? Otherwise I can suggest you every morning at 7h. Like me you will have to get up earlier.