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Hi there. I’m only fairly new to French and I feel like importing news with audio which matches. I’d like to use some beginner level stuff to begin with, because I really still know little French. (I’m not really interested in lessons to do with the restaurant and the day at the beach. hehe)

It doesn’t really have to be news but any sort of French non-fiction material which has text and audio which match each other.


You might not find it interesting (or it might be a bit hard) but I’d recommend Serge’s “Carnet de voyage” in the LingQ library.

Nothing to do with news, just a journal about his stay in Crozet, in the southern Indian Ocean. There are 60 parts to it, generally between 3 to 7 minutes each.

It’s one my favourite collections on LingQ!

I’ll check it out tomorrow, to see what I think…

Typically the collections here don’t interest me much. I’ve not looked through them until today and during my little search I found nothing. I’ll keep looking though.

There is so much great reading and listening online in French. I think you will really enjoy yourself. These are not intended for beginners, so perhaps just keep them in mind for later, but, besides a majority of fiction selections, these two sites have audio and text of non-fiction articles: . The sites are completely in French, however, so you might look for lists of authors or subjects on the home pages, rather than wade through all the connected prose, if it is difficult for you.

Peter, Thanks for mentioning Serge’s “carnet”; it’s just at the right level of difficulty (for me, as I haven’t listened to any French for a long while): easy to read by not easy to understand by listening, at first. Serge does, however, write “jeudi” and say “mardi” at the beginning of selection 1, which is also not bad, actually, as such will keep me on my toes.

We can have that corrected, can you post the link?

***** DUPLICATE *****

Getting old French books with audio isn’t a trouble whatsoever. It’s not the sort of thing I’m looking at right now.

Peter, As I somehow have trouble not listing “workdesk” in the URL, to find this page go to the collection, Carnet de voyages - LingQ Language Library , and look at the first selection.

I’ve just fixed that. I think Serge meant to say Thursday, though, because the next day’s entry is indeed Friday… So now it doesn’t quite make sense.

Thanks, Peter. I don´t suppose it will be too evident, as one must switch files. “Corrected” or not, either way would have been okay by me. Serge is following in the footsteps of a master. Jules Verne had trouble getting the dates to jibe in Voyage au centre de la terre, when our heroes were visiting Iceland.

@lmyirtesheim - Have you tried the RFI content in the Library -

To be honest Mark, it’s almost impossible to find anything in the library. There needs to be a view to go look at collections.

Thanks for that, though; I’ll check it out.