French Canadian lessons?

Hello everyone!

My mother is from Canada and we have family in Canada (mom can’t speak French) I would like to become familiar with the French Canadian accent while reading. Are any of the French lessons on Lingq done with a french Canadian accent? I have family in Quebec so I would be traveling there more often than France. I am just starting out with French and I currently am using podcastfrancaisfacile which I love!

Thanks for any info, it is greatly appreciated!

Go to the French Library. Click on Browse Full Library. Fond Accents under Filters on the right hand side and choose Canadian. Study those and I know that there are more on the way. Good luck.

For simple content, try:

If you are a bit more advanced, there are some excellent conversations that Steve had with French Canadians. Numbers 12, 14 and 19 in the following collection: French LingQ Podcast 1.0 - LingQ Language Library

Thank you!!