French book series with no passé simple all in first person

Because i’m like the best person on here and also the most generous (and best-looking) i thought i would tell you French learners about a series i’ve just picked up from the library ( i live near Normandie ) which appears to have zero passé simple and it’s all from first-person perspective. I’ve only flicked through as yet but this is the case as far as i can tell.

It’s called Conspiration 365. It’s a 12-part series, each one based on a month of the year. It’s aimed at youth, i guess between 9 and 12 year olds. It was in the ‘jeunesse’ section at the library.

It’s translated from English but it’s done quite well from what i can tell.

As lots of people ask for books without passé simple, i thought posting a whole 12-book series would be beneficial.

I would also guess you could get them in other languages.

An extract:

“Allongé sur le dos, je regardais fixement le plafond de la chambre de notre maison de vacances. Le médecin du coin m’avait examiné, recousu la main et donné des pilules pour <<m’aider à me détendre>>. Ouais. c’est ça. Me détendre. J’avais raconté en partie à ma mère et à Gaby ce qui s’était passé sur le bateau. La veille, je ne leur avais rien dit de ma rencontre avec le malade mental dans notre rue. Je ne voulais pas les inquiéter.”

It’s fitting that this book series is aimed at 9 to 12 year olds, because judging from this forum, having issues with passé simple in French is like having issues with puberty – it hits most students around the same time, between 4000 and 7000 known words as we transition from beginner studies to the “real world” use of the language. But we all seem to grow out of it by the 10K mark when we realize that passé simple is simply part of life, and part of the language we love.

My advice is, as you encounter passé simple, embrace it, don’t run from it. There is no point in hiding form it because if you want French books to be part of you life, passé simple must become a part of you life as well.

I used to hate it but now i’m used to it and don’t mind.

This series could be good for doing a lot of internal shadowing though as obviously first-person narrative in diary-style can give you lots of phrases you can use yourself in real life.