French accent in quebec

i came across this little clip on youtube with benny lewis and a lady from quebec speaking on culture and language in the province the lady’s accent is diferent than his is it normally the way they speak there in quebec

It seems to me a more or less “typical” quebecois accent.

One of them(the lady) is a native speaker whereas the other isn’t.

Yes, of course, I meant the lady has a Quebecois accent (I think that was the original question). The gentleman is the well-known polyglot Benny, the Irish polyglot, who is umm Irish!

You,re right.The gentlem was for me completely unkwown(he could be our famous Drew…ock).

yeah that’s right and I find it difficult specialy when I was taking some MOOCs courses offered by Universtité LAVAL

There are a lot of different accents in Quebec, I assume they are regional accents.

You’re right. Even people from Laval sound different to Montrealers.